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after watching Suicide Squad I was overhelmed by ideas: how to fix the end (’cause I can’t stand the idea of them being thrown again in prison like nothing has happened), scenes of them as a team, of Deadshot and Harley being all snippy and bros together, of porny scenes between our sniper and the soldier.
concerning the latter, this scene came to mind, of Deadshot pinning Rick against a wall, and I decided to write it down, ‘cause it would be shorter than the fix-it stalking my brain, so I started. with a little of background, first, because background is good. well, after 1,500 words I finally arrived at the scene I wanted to write in the first place and you know what? it didn’t want to go as it did in my brain, when I had the idea in the first place, but I liked it anyway, so I kept it.
but the original scene was still there floating in my brain and I told myself that I could write that as well; after all, I can, I swear, not write background.
so I wrote that one as well, and you know what? not even this one went as I wanted, so I give up on my brain, I really do!

so now I have two Suicide Squad oneshots I’m not very satisfied of lying in my unbetaed folder. what should I do with them?

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