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2016-12-23 05:08 pm

Lots of fics!

Okay, I realized I've written and posted a lot since I last updated my lj, so let's begin...

Title: in the dark (you are not alone)
Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen/Leonard Snart
Summary: Len was afraid of the dark.

Title: fiercely right

Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Summary: The island may have made Oliver an anomaly, a Guide more similar to a Sentinel than anything else, but he is exactly what Starling City needs.

Title: touch-starved

Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Namikaze Minato/Hatake Kakashi
Summary: In a world where soulmates find each other by touch, Kakashi doesn't like to be touched and Minato behaves accordingly.

Title: sweet awakening

Fandom: Hannibal
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Summary: Hannibal woke up abruptly, heart in his throat.

Title: you drive me crazy
Fandom: Suicide Squad
Pairing: Floyd Lawton/Rick Flagg
Summary: God, he was a soldier, but there were still things that embarrassed him beyond measure, and feelings (of jealousy, how pathetic was that?) were first on that particular list.

Title: deadly countdown

Fandom: Suicide Squad
Pairing: Floyd Lawton/Rick Flagg
Summary: Rick closes his eyes for a moment when Amanda tells them where they’re going in less than two days. Belle Reve. To recruit monsters and psychopaths. If something drastic doesn’t change their plans, that means that he’s going to find his soulmate in Belle Reve.

Ehm, I have more but something came up unexpectedly, so I will post the rest later. Enjoy!
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2016-09-12 01:07 am

Collision Of Fire And Ice

Title: Collision Of Fire And Ice, chapter one | two | three (new!)
Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen/Leonard Snart
Summary: Barry has suppressed his Sentinel gifts after the murder of his mother and the wrongful imprisonment of his father. When lightning strikes, though, and gives him new and life altering powers, his gifts emerge with vengeance and won't be denied. Barry has only one chance to prevent his life from spiralling out of control: find his Guide and bond. Too bad his Guide is a thief who doesn't want anything to do with him.
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2016-09-06 06:55 pm
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stupid brain is stupid

after watching Suicide Squad I was overhelmed by ideas: how to fix the end (’cause I can’t stand the idea of them being thrown again in prison like nothing has happened), scenes of them as a team, of Deadshot and Harley being all snippy and bros together, of porny scenes between our sniper and the soldier.
concerning the latter, this scene came to mind, of Deadshot pinning Rick against a wall, and I decided to write it down, ‘cause it would be shorter than the fix-it stalking my brain, so I started. with a little of background, first, because background is good. well, after 1,500 words I finally arrived at the scene I wanted to write in the first place and you know what? it didn’t want to go as it did in my brain, when I had the idea in the first place, but I liked it anyway, so I kept it.
but the original scene was still there floating in my brain and I told myself that I could write that as well; after all, I can, I swear, not write background.
so I wrote that one as well, and you know what? not even this one went as I wanted, so I give up on my brain, I really do!

so now I have two Suicide Squad oneshots I’m not very satisfied of lying in my unbetaed folder. what should I do with them?

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2016-09-06 06:53 pm


Okay, since apparently there's at least one person reading this journal, here are all the fics I forgot to add:

Title: The aggravations of Lady Potter Black (set in the Twist 'verse)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius Black/James Potter/Lily Evans
Summary: Lily loves both her husbands, but the Wizarding World is full of stupid people. Why isn't she on pregnancy leave yet? Oh right, because she wanted to show she was still an independent woman.

In which Sirius is oblivious, James is perfect, Lily is pregnant and politics suck everywhere.

Title: rough anchoring (set in the Twist 'verse)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Sirius Black/James Potter/Lily Evans
Lily and James know there's just one way to help Sirius when he has a bad day.

Title: Between Trust And Loyalty
Fandom: Prison Break
Pairing: Alexander Mahone/Michael Scofield
Summary: Alexander Mahone didn’t know what to expect going into the interrogation room, but surely not what he found.

Then there is one of the three projects of last Rough Trade:
Title: Collision Of Fire And Ice, chapter one | two (of three)
Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen/Leonard Snart
Summary: Barry has suppressed his Sentinel gifts after the murder of his mother and the wrongful imprisonment of his father. When lightning strikes, though, and gives him new and life altering powers, his gifts emerge with vengeance and won't be denied. Barry has only one chance to prevent his life from spiralling out of control: find his Guide and bond. Too bad his Guide is a thief who doesn't want anything to do with him.

Lastly, a drabble written in Italian for a friend's birthday. I will translate it, hopefully soon.
Titolo: Dolce Risveglio
Fandom: Hannibal
Pairing: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Trama: Hannibal si svegliò di soprassalto col cuore in gola.
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2016-09-03 07:00 pm
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Is anyone reading?


I posted three fics in the past week and only today I remembered I didn't write about it here. Scrolling down the lj I realized I haven't kept up with the updating as I should have. All that made me wonder.. is anyone reading this? Because I have to say that I don't have much time between RL, writing, other hobbies and updating (I don't know why but it takes me at least half an hour to post a story on AO3, sometimes even more) and since a lot of people have moved to tumblr, I'm wondering if I should just post updates there and stop here (since I have no feedback whether someone is reading this lj or not).

Please, someone, let me know. If there's even one person, I will keep this lj up. If not, I won't delete it, but I'll stop updating it.

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2016-07-30 03:57 pm
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Little Black Dress Challenge Update

I completed my first Rough Trade ever! On the site you can find all of my three completed stories. Wow, I feel wonderful.
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2016-07-08 12:10 pm

Little Black Dress Challenge Update

I've finished my Naruto story and started the Bruce/Hal one (Batman/Green Lantern). The project file is here. So far I've posted the first chapter.
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2016-07-05 12:47 am
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Little Black Dress Challenge

Hi there! This July I’m taking part in another challenge at Rough Trade, the Little Black Dress Challenge, where the authors have to write three Sentinel!AUs of min 10,000 - max 15,000 words.
My first project, already under way, is set in Naruto and is a Kakashi/Minato story (platonic at the moment, Kakashi is very young). You can find all the chapters I’ve written so far here.
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2016-03-26 10:05 pm

Rough Trade of April

Here I am, taking part again in Rough Trade. This April the theme is Second Chances and I’ve decided to write a story about Peggy fixing everything that is wrong in the MCU. Head over RT if you’re curious! The project file is here.
There are also a lot of other interesting stories to read!
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2016-03-15 12:17 am

The Hobbit, Gotham, Naruto and Harry Potter

I posted the final piece of my Gravitational Attraction series, The Sun And The Moon.
I wrote another piece set in Gotham, this time in English, with Jim Gordon as the main character. You can find it here.
I posted a little oneshot set in Naruto, probably the most explicit thing I have ever written (and that I will write in the future..). If Minato and Kakashi together inspire you, you can find them here.
And, lastly, a oneshot set after Twist of Fate and Time, my last Rough Trade project. It can be read as a standalone. It's here.
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2016-02-04 12:06 am

Gotham one-shot and Hobbit drabble

I wrote (in Italian) a little piece for a friend, set in the Gotham universe, and I translated one of my fanfics (you can find it here). I will translate the Gotham one in English soon.
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2015-12-13 12:04 am

Agent Carter Soulmates!AU

Posted my Agent Carter soulmates!AU, or, at least its prequel. The fleshed out version I started writing for last April Rough Trade challenge is still a work in progress.
You can find the one-shot here.
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2015-12-03 01:11 am


For this round of NaNoWriMo, I wrote 51,779 words, so reaching one of my personal goals for this challenge.
Now that November is over, I plan to keep on writing both my stories until Keira stops us, so head over Rough Trade if you're interested!

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2015-11-04 12:07 am

New fanfiction

I started my first of two projects for this round of Rough Trade, a HP fanfiction. You can find it here.

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2015-10-01 02:42 pm

Hobbit BB entry

Here you can find my entry for the [ profile] hobbitstory

Remember to leave a feedback to my artist as well! [ profile] yanyann did a wonderful job!
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2015-10-01 02:36 pm
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After SO long

I feel a bit bad about disappearing for so long, but after posting my entry for the Hobbit Big Bang, I felt worn out and even the idea of writing brought me down.

Now, I feel better, and when I read about the Rough Trade challenge for this November, I finally got back my muse.

So, I signed up for Rough Trade and I’ve started writing again. I’ll also try to be better and be more constant in keeping this blog and my lj updated.

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2015-05-09 03:35 pm
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My new personal anthem.

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2015-05-04 11:08 pm

Birthday gift

I've written a small KSM fanfic as a birthday gift for [ profile] writer_klmeri. You can find it here. Hopefully there'll be more in the future! :)
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2015-04-18 06:29 pm

Fanfic Update

I realized I haven't really updated this journal for a while. Sorry, my bad! :)

So here it is what I've been up to in the past few months, as far as fanfictions are concerned.

I wrote my first Avengers and first Musketeers fic for “International Fanwork Day 2015". You can find the first, OTP, here, and the second, Spectacle, here. Through those you can find also the respective translations in Italian if you are interested.

I've also written three small drabbles for The Hobbit, all of them related. You can find them here, if you love Kíli, Fíli and Tauriel. Speaking about The Hobbit, I'm taking part in the Big Bang this year as well.

And lastly, I'm taking part in Rough Trade with another story set in The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings world. You have to login to be able to see the entries.
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2015-02-25 06:56 pm
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Still Alive

Written 1,476 words of soulmarks!AU today. I don’t even know where they have come from.