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I feel a bit bad about disappearing for so long, but after posting my entry for the Hobbit Big Bang, I felt worn out and even the idea of writing brought me down.

Now, I feel better, and when I read about the Rough Trade challenge for this November, I finally got back my muse.

So, I signed up for Rough Trade and I’ve started writing again. I’ll also try to be better and be more constant in keeping this blog and my lj updated.


Jan. 28th, 2014 07:14 pm
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I just wanted to let you all know (if someone is still following this lj :)) that I moved all my stories to AO3 and I think that will be now my main 'base'. I will continue to update this lj with news of my new works, but you'll read them over there, not here. I'm sorry if this is a problem, but I'm tired to deal with posting on lj. I like AO3 and I simply don't have time to update there and here.


Apr. 5th, 2012 09:32 am
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I just wanted to give you a little heads up!

[ profile] l_niania asked me the permission to make podfics of my two Dean/Sam/Castiel/Gabriel fics. I felt so honored and excited and [ profile] l_niania's enthusiasm for the stories was so palpable that I obviously said yes without a single doubt.

Now, you can find [ profile] l_niania's work here. If you liked my stories, please, go and show her love :) I haven't gotten time yet to listen to the whole files, just a few seconds of each and now I can't help but feel even more excited about this!

Thank you, [ profile] l_niania, for doing this.. it meant a lot to me, as a writer.

On a slightly different note, yes I'm still alive and I'm sorry if I disappeared again for a while.. I spent two weeks away, in the mountains, to relax and find the strenght to face a few things that are not going very well in my 'real' life. Obviously, after coming back, I had to catch up a bit. But I haven't forgotten about you and my fics!

So, for whoever is interested, :)
  • I wrote yesterday night a little Bobby/Crowley drabble. I need to find a beta, then you'll see it posted,
  • I have my first X-Men: First Class fic almost ready to be posted.. it's an Azazel/Riptide one and beated. [ profile] stormkpr was very kind and rewrote a few awkward passages for me and I need to give the whole fic a look, but it's ready! I promise.
  • for my Star Trek readers, I'm writing two one-shots and the next chapter of my Mirror fic. So, yes, I remember I still have to finish it ;)
Now the only - possible - downside of this is that I'm going away today.. that means very poor connection. Anything I finish this weekend will be posted when I come back on Tuesday.
(And that is without considering the time the beta will take to look at my works..)

Well, this is it! :) I hope you all have a good holiday! :)
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Buongiorno a tutti!
Ho deciso di creare un account livejournal per poter pubblicare le mie traduzioni di alcune storie slash, cioè che trattano di storie d'amore tra due uomini. Quindi, se la cosa non vi interessa o, piuttosto, vi disturba, forse è il caso che abbandoniate la lettura.
Se, invece, la cosa vi interessa o attira la vostra curiosità, rimanete. :)

Sono capitata nel mondo slash quasi per caso, girando su Le storie d'amore tra uomini mi hanno sempre affascinato e quindi quando sono capitata in una di esse non mi sono tirata indietro ed è nata un'autentica passione.
Girando su internet, ho notato che non ce n'è quasi nessuna in italiano. E mi è nata un'idea..: tradurre quelle più belle che ho trovato per farle conoscere e apprezzare anche da chi non conosce bene l'inglese.

29 maggio 2010
Dopo varie considerazioni, ho deciso di lasciare le traduzioni solo su efp, in questo account, almeno per il momento.
Nel LiveJournal rimarranno le mie fanfiction.

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