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I posted the final piece of my Gravitational Attraction series, The Sun And The Moon.
I wrote another piece set in Gotham, this time in English, with Jim Gordon as the main character. You can find it here.
I posted a little oneshot set in Naruto, probably the most explicit thing I have ever written (and that I will write in the future..). If Minato and Kakashi together inspire you, you can find them here.
And, lastly, a oneshot set after Twist of Fate and Time, my last Rough Trade project. It can be read as a standalone. It's here.
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I wrote (in Italian) a little piece for a friend, set in the Gotham universe, and I translated one of my fanfics (you can find it here). I will translate the Gotham one in English soon.
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Here you can find my entry for the [ profile] hobbitstory

Remember to leave a feedback to my artist as well! [ profile] yanyann did a wonderful job!
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I realized I haven't really updated this journal for a while. Sorry, my bad! :)

So here it is what I've been up to in the past few months, as far as fanfictions are concerned.

I wrote my first Avengers and first Musketeers fic for “International Fanwork Day 2015". You can find the first, OTP, here, and the second, Spectacle, here. Through those you can find also the respective translations in Italian if you are interested.

I've also written three small drabbles for The Hobbit, all of them related. You can find them here, if you love Kíli, Fíli and Tauriel. Speaking about The Hobbit, I'm taking part in the Big Bang this year as well.

And lastly, I'm taking part in Rough Trade with another story set in The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings world. You have to login to be able to see the entries.

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